Communication is the art of crafting a clear message and distributing it over appropriate channels to a receptive audience.

At Sustainable Digital we help nonprofits and international NGOs master online communication.  We first help you set your goals and target an audience before refining your message so it’s clear and compelling. Then we help you roll out your digital communication process using all available tools, from websites and e-newsletters to social media, email, news blogs and more.

Our services include:

Website design & development

Your website is the main entryway to your nonprofit. It must portray your professionalism while engaging visitors in your work. To accomplish this your site must be a living, ever-growing representation of what you do. This is why we won’t develop a website for you; we will develop a site with you.

At the end of the process you will be able to fully maintain your website on your own.

Most often we recommend Squarespace to host your site, as our clients find it easiest to learn and use. It is a powerful tool when coupled with Sustainable Digital’s mentoring and training.  Read more about Mentoring and Training.

We also work in WordPress.

Online strategy

Your digital communication begins with a plan. We help you sharpen your goals, your message, and your target audience.  Then we help you select the best means to deliver your message: On the Web, through social media, or with email outreach.

Social engagement

Sustainable Digital helps you build deeper relationships with your supporters by helping you interact with them.  The frequency of contacts via social media and the quality of this interaction will have a large impact on your ability to recruit volunteers and, of course, to fundraise.

Communications calendar

Every organization needs the discipline of a communications calendar. It ensures all communication goals are addressed and all target audiences are reached. It also ensures you stay active on all communication channels, even when times get busy.

Branding guidelines

Does your nonprofit have a branding document that specifies how your logo should appear, what colors can be used, and how email signatures should read? If not, you need to develop these guidelines. They ensure that you and your colleagues will present your organization to external audiences in a consistent and coherent fashion.

Sustainable Digital can help you prepare this document (while helping you work through all the questions that will surely arise along the way).

Internal information flow

Communications staff are called on to write blog posts, social media updates, newsletters, parts of grant proposals, and more and more.  In the end you can’t write it all yourself.

The only solution is to engage your colleagues to help. Unfortunately, they’re busy, too, but there are ways to make it easier for your colleagues to help out. Sustainable Digital can help you establish a system for generating and collecting content from colleagues throughout your organization, whether they are across the hall or across the world.