Enhancing the Reputation of your Nonprofit with Social Media

In every field, there’s a small group of organizations and individuals who are recognized as authorities.  Pick any field and you’re likely to know the leading players.

These are the people who get asked to speak at conferences. They are the groups that are asked to submit grant proposals. They are the ones asked to partner on projects. They are the ones who are interviewed in the media.

How did they become such authorities? Through a whole lot of good work, certainly.

Nothing will replace the good work, but it is possible to speed up a process that previously took 10-15 years. You no longer need to wait decades for your nonprofit to gain recognition from your peers. Through the wise use of social media, you can put your good work on public display and become known and respected in your field in only a few years.

Learn how to use social media, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter, to build a reputation for excellence among your peers.

Enhancing the Reputation of your Nonprofit with Social Media is a new eBook written by Bob Lawson, founder of Sustainable Digital and a veteran in the fields of technology and digital communication.

Download this free eBook today and start raising your profile among other nonprofits, foundations, civil servants and your peers everywhere.