As often said, your staff is your organization’s most important asset. As your colleagues learn and grow, your nonprofit can expand and mature.

It is better to invest in your staff than to buy external services in a traditional manner, be it website development, consulting services, or help with technology. Always combine consulting services with staff mentoring and training.

Sustainable Digital has no interest in producing a document – or developing a website – and then disappearing into the night. Instead, we work on projects together with your staff. We mentor and train them so that at project completion, your staff is able to work smarter, faster and more effectively. Our goal is to enable your staff to carry on without us.

Website development:

We don’t develop websites for your organization. Instead, we develop sites together with your communication staff and leave them fully trained to manage and grow your website going forward. 

Tech tools:

We don’t implement new software and disappear. Instead, we work with your staff to analyze your needs, select the best solution, and then train you to support others in use of the software.

Communication plans:

We work with you to identify your communication goals, develop your messaging, and select your communication channels. Then we work with you to put your plan into action and train you to manage everything yourself.

More information:

Contact us for more information about how we can help you achieve specific goals -- while simultaneously mentoring and training your staff.