How to set up a nonprofit “Company” page on LinkedIn

Companies, not just people, can be active on LinkedIn and companies include nonprofit organizations. This may not come as a surprise to you, but you may not be fully aware of the potential benefits. If you click on any of the company logos that appear in an individual’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll come to a company profile. These profiles also appear in search results. There, LinkedIn members can Follow your organization.

In essence this creates a network for your organization, similar to an individual’s LinkedIn network. In practical terms, it means that when you post a company Update, the information is pushed out on the LinkedIn newsfeeds of people who have Followed the page.

Here are the components of a “Company” page:

Organization profile:

Here you can introduce your organization to LinkedIn users, much as you would on the About page of your website. Tell the world who you are and why they should care about your work.  (Tip: For reasons of Search Engine Optimization, it is best not to use the exact same text that you use on your About website page).

A place to post information about your NGO:

You can also create posts on your company page, what LinkedIn calls Recent Updates. These posts are much like what one might find on Facebook, but these are professional in nature. Use this opportunity to highlight the work of your organization: New projects, publications, conference participation, or new staff.

Job listings:

If you advertise job vacancies on LinkedIn, the job postings will be linked from your Company page.  That is for paid job adverts. Of course you can always list job vacancies as normal company posts. There’s no charge for this.

Note that you can also create Showcase pages if you would like to highlight one or more of your products or other work that your company does.

Once you have a Company page for your organization, be sure that your staff connects their profiles to this company page. There may be other versions of your company name floating around LinkedIn. You want staff to link to this one so that the organization’s logo appears in their profiles.

Last, encourage all your staff to Follow your company page. Then, when someone is researching your organization within LinkedIn, they can see a list of the people who work with you. There is no better way to highlight the strengths of your nonprofit than to show a list of talented people who work there.

More information about creating a “Company” page on LinkedIn can be Found On LinkedIn.


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Bob Lawson is founder of Sustainable Digital Communication, a consultancy offering communication and technology services to nonprofit organizations and international NGOs.

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