Six ways technology can help your nonprofit

With a PC on every desk, many nonprofits feel they have technology covered. Many, especially small organizations, are not aware of the other potential benefits of providing appropriate software and apps to their staff. Certainly, technology cannot solve all problems, but use of the right tools can help you work smarter and more effectively. It’s a bit like adding an extra hour to each work day.

Here are a few areas where innovative nonprofits are putting technology to use:

Project management: More than an online to-do list, project management software seeks to help organizations plan and execute projects, especially when projects require coordination across a team.

Team communication: Tools that help your staff work efficiently as a team by organizing and facilitating communication and the sharing of information.

Donation facilitation: These tools range from simple systems that take and process credit card donations to more complex team fundraising and crowd-sourcing systems.

Communication management: This runs the gambit from tools that help you schedule and track your social media activity to services that help you prepare attractive email campaigns. Also included here is the Content Management System (CMS) that enables your staff to update your website.

Finally, there are the two most obvious areas where technology is likely used in your office:

PC/Server/Internet infrastructure: This is the basic tech in our office that puts a computer on each person’s desk and connects it to the internet. Hopefully it also enables your staff to centrally store files and other information while providing safe backup.

Donor management: These systems track your donor contact information and their donations while providing a foundation for future fundraising activities.