With technology advancing so rapidly, many nonprofit organizations miss out on important new tools that can help with their work. Technology has a vital role to play in helping nonprofits work effectively and cost-efficiently, both in program delivery and internal operations.

With extensive experience in both technology and operations, Sustainable Digital can help.

These are among the services we offer:

Nonprofit technology audits

With technology advancing at such speed, it’s difficult to know whether your nonprofit is working efficiently. From software to communication and collaboration systems, you need to know whether your staff is being helped or held back by the tools you provide.

Donor management

Proper management of your donor lists and your interaction with supporters is vital to the growth and stability of your organization. This technology doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It must be configured carefully and fully integrated within your operations.

Tech tool training

When your staff use the latest software tools and utilities, your organization runs more smoothly and you accomplish more. This is how a small investment in training can yield large benefits for even the smallest nonprofit. Technology helps you accomplish more.

Digital data collection

From initial needs assessment to full Monitoring & Evaluation, nonprofits routinely collect and analyze data. Online data collection via tablet or smart phone helps reduce survey time and costs while improving the quality of data.

Digital mapping

Online maps are not new, but many nonprofits have only begun to appreciate the benefits found in the visual display of data. Maps are equally important in online communication with donors, funders and other stakeholders.

Fundraising technology

Fundraising requires many things to succeed. Technology plays an important role in facilitating the process, from online cultivation and email solicitation to the use of advanced fundraising techniques, such as crowd funding and team fundraising.